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API Pilot: DrugRepurposing Online

Drug Repurposing Online is a proprietary database for finding new uses for existing compounds. It contains both existing and abandoned drugs and focuses on functional, experimentally validated content to link molecules, targets and diseases.
Using Ovaaz's API, it seamlessly expands and updates the literature and connections it provides to its users working on drug repurposing. Ovaaz's multiple document, broad context searches make this possible.

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Alpha User Experience

"I searched on Ovaaz using a paper that was representative of my PhD research topic and found a rival technology that had the same aims as my project, despite not searching for it explicitly. It would have been useful to have Ovaaz at the beginning of my PhD so that I could have discovered it sooner."

- Dr. Ben Woodhams, Postdoctoral Fellow in High Throughput Spatial Genomics at Wellcome Sanger Institute

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